IIT,NIT or IIT : What’s in the place? Everything

IIT,IIIT and  NITs need no introduction in India or any elsewhere in the world.These letters seems to weigh on the minds of so many youngsters. Each year,lakhs of students aspire to join in it them and take the entrance exams for this premier institutes. Starting from crash course of 1 month to goes to 5 years in some schools! Remember when you were a kid everyone talked about the admission in IIT and yet so prestigious and you rose from your chair with full determination to face the challenge ahead.

What is there in IIT that every student has been studying. Is it the college that turns your life or it is the hidden potential of the student? Is it the environment that unmasks the real you. Humans are very adaptable. We mould ourselves as per the situation, when we see so many people around us seeing big dreams, we start creating our own. We are highly influential and get easily carried with the flow

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